Exploring Art…

…is exploring boundaries between reason and instinct, structure and chaos.

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About me

I started drawing and painting in 2016. I always have a sketchbook with me and draw as often as possible. Since 2018, I have started exploring the 3rd dimension…

Drawing makes you look at the world differently, more intensely. Painting allows to go big and out of bounds. Ah… and building, just great !

2017-2018 – Various painting courses, Jennifer Tuttlies – link
2018 – Modeling course, Enzo Arduini – link
2019-2021 – „Der Künstlerische Mensch“, Gisela Drescher – link

2022 – Kunst-in-Korbinian, Kunst-in-Sendling – link
2021 – Offene Ateliertage, Kunst-in-Sendling – link
2021 – Abschlussausstellung „Der Künstlerische Mensch“ – link zum video
2020 – Systemrelevant?! Kunst-in-Sendling – link



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